GoPro Hero 5 release date, specs news: Camera to launch before holiday shopping season, to come with Karma drone compatibility


With the holiday shopping season lurking around the corner, tech companies are already lining up their upcoming releases to make sure they will be available by the time people are ready to shell out some money. GoPro is no exception, with rumors of not one but two cameras tipped to be launching in the coming months.

The San Mateo-based company is rumored to introduce both the GoPro Hero 5 and the GoPro Karma drone. And while the cameras were designed for different markets, they are said to have the capability of being codependent hence their same time debut. Previous reports have cited that the action snapper will be released sometime this winter after it had been delayed by the company which coincides with more recent launch date rumors.

Spec-wise, it appears that the GoPro 5 is packing a punch regardless of it being used with the Karma drone or by itself. Company CEO Nick Woodman has already shared that fans can expect a more user-friendly device with a simpler interface. Since then, a tutorial video posted on Vimeo reveals what looks like the aesthetics of the new camera including a touchscreen menu and even mentions a GoPro Sniper although that has yet to be confirmed.

Other than its operating system, the GoPro Hero 5 is also tipped to be waterproof with it easily working 60 m underwater without any additional casing like the Session. Under the hood, it will be operated by a Qualcomm processor and will be able to produce impressive 8K videos. It will also have significantly better battery life with a 2800 mAh capacity that will last 150 hours longer compared to its predecessor. This will ultimately resolve the issues many users are having in terms of the need to constantly charge the device especially when the Wi-Fi capability is turned on.

However, it is important to note that majority of these information are still unconfirmed so the public is advised to take them with caution. Needless to say, fans can expect a formal announcement sometime soon if GoPro wants to capitalize on the potential high sales come December.