GoPro Hero 5 release date: Action camera to arrive later this year; CEO reveals plan to streamline products, new software for desktop coming in March


GoPro has commented on their plans for the highly anticipated next-in-line device GoPro Hero 5 during the company’s recent earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2015.

In the transcript of the presentation shared by Yahoo! Finance, GoPro Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Woodman revealed that they will streamline the lineup of the gadgets. They have decided to stop selling entry level Hero, Hero Plus, and Hero Plus LCD products by April and instead simplify the product line with Hero4 Session, Silver, and Black cameras.

Afterwards, they scheduled the release of the Karma drone during the first half of the year, to be followed by the Hero 5 in the latter parts of 2016.

“In terms of doubling down in hardware, we are ensuring that any new and existing hardware products do a better job of connecting to smart phones and the cloud. Any advancements in software will be matched at the hardware level Later this year, we will introduce the most connected and convenient GoPro we have ever made, Hero 5,” Woodman said.

He also revealed that the Hero 5 and their other featured offerings will be developed to have enhanced and better connectivity features. Users may get their hands on the entirely new content management application GoPro for Desktop that is slated to arrive in March.

The app is said to represent a breakthrough in convenient offload, accessing and editing contents taken by the camera. It also has tools that can easily sort through many footages, trim and share them directly to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and others. The new editing experience intends to make it easier for users to create good edits in a short amount of time.

The presentation, however, did not divulge on the specifications of the hardware, “I think as we get closer to the release of those products, we will be happy to give more color on it. But at this point, we are really focused on the strategy for the next couple of quarters, and then of course delivering the products that we’re going to have out later in the year,” GoPro Chief Financing Officer Jack Lazar added.

A specific date for the release of the GoPro Hero 5 is yet to be announced, rumors suggest it may likely hit the market sometime in October.