GoPro Hero 5 release date, specs news: New action camera could save company's financial status


The long rumored new action camera from tech company GoPro, the alleged GoPro Hero 5, is expected to be the “savior” camera that might very well serve to solve the financial woes that the company is having right now, analysts have said. The device had long been rumored, but is yet still to be officially announced by the company.

In a recent analysis report made by Longbow Research analyst Joe Wittine, it was said that GoPro might rise up once again and improve its market share in the industry, and therefore gaining back the confidence of the analysts and investors come second quarter of the fiscal year. However, this would only happen should the company be able to release something that would “wow” the users.

But still, Wittine noted that GoPro devices are already labeled as “great” devices, and this the company might have a hard time trying to top its own products. This is said to be the same as what is happening to the smartphone scene now, where some developers are having a hard time delivering something new and innovative with every release that they do. Wittine said that his general bias on action cameras is “slightly negative” and explains that saturation is already high.

As for the long rumored successor to the GoPro Hero 4 action camera, rumor has it that the company would be making the new version of the popular flagship action camera series to be more rugged that the previous one in order to promote it as an action camera that is more fit for outdoor use than any other version. It is also expected to be able to support up to a stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution of video recording, as well as still image shooting for the same resolution.

As for its release, it is expected that the company would be releasing the Hero 5 sometime around November of this year. Another new product form the company that is expected to come is the highly anticipated Karma drone camera.