Google Shopping updates: New mobile-friendly design for easy online shopping via smartphones


Google is banking on shopping moments rather than shopping marathons when it introduced its new design for Google Shopping on Thursday, Nov. 19. With 30 percent of all online purchases done over smartphones, the company has redesigned Google Shopping to make it more mobile-friendly.

The re-design could also be taken as Google’s response to the increasing number of people who turn to mobile apps instead of browsers to search on their smartphones, according to AdvertisingAge.

“This fall, shopping-related searches on mobile surpassed desktop, signaling a shift from shopping marathons to shopping moments,” says the official announcement. “To help shoppers more easily discover, browse and buy on mobile this holiday season, we’ve redesigned Google Shopping to be incredibly fast, seamless, and intuitive.”

With a new layout and features, Google Shopping feels like an app now, according to TechCrunch. Shoppers can tap, swipe, and navigate without loading new pages.

Specifically, the re-design will help shoppers discover and explore products in a more organized way, according to Google. Shoppers searching for a broad term like “droids” will be able to see the most commonly searched categories. On the other, if they already know what they’re looking for, Google Shopping helps them narrow down their search further by bringing up results grouped by the attributes price, brand, and features.

Another benefit to the new Google Shopping is its ability to direct shoppers to stores located nearby. A simple search of the item plus “near me” (e.g., olaf toys near me) or applying the location filter will show a map showing all the stores which have the item in stock.