Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus: A showdown of specs, features


Apart from the new Google Pixel smartphone, the company also released a beefed-up render of the handset and suffixed the “XL” on its moniker. Cupertino’s Apple had the same whim from which the new iPhone 7 has a bigger brother to the tune of the iPhone 7 Plus. With the substantial number of handsets that were rolled out this year, many are mulling over as to which of the two will best who in this render rumble.

Both smartphones don a 5.5-inch display and the two handsets are on the brink of deeming themselves as phablets. Also, the premium devices carry the same 12-megapixel rear snapper, but in terms of image clarity, the Pixel XL bags the win with its 1440 x 2560-pixel resolution. It has to be taken into consideration though that the iPhone 7 Plus is armed with a couple of rear shooters.

The new Pixel XL gets another nod as the phone arrived with a total of 4 GB of random access memory (RAM) as compared to iPhone 7 Plus that fell 1 GB short. However, the latter has IP67 certification making sure that the handset is protected from both dust and water. As such, iPhone 7 Plus is the clear winner for this round. The said feature though has been around for quite some time now even before the new iPhone was rolled out. Moreover, it’s highly probable that future iterations of Google’s new product line will be adapting the aforementioned protective feature.

Meanwhile, the two handsets, of course, differ on the operating systems that were preinstalled in them as both Apple and Google make their own OS. Nonetheless, the latter’s system is more widely used by most handsets other than the Pixel XL while the former’s iOS is only limited to iPhones and iPads.

Furthermore, these top brass handsets are powered by their respective quad-core processors in which the iPhone 7 Plus is lodged with the company’s A10 chip whereas Google’s Pixel XL carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821.