Google Nexus 7 release date, specs, price rumors: Google still mum on exact release date


Google has kept its mouth shut after vaguely announcing that the official release date of Google Nexus 7 will be somewhere in the first quarter of 2017. Pricing seems a bit just right for the tablet at $250 for the right specs not to mention the global brand name Google it has to sell to Google fans.

Reportedly, the internal storage of the tablet does not seem spacious enough, although the user has the option to expand it to a maximum 2 TB via microSD card. The web is plagued with speculations and rumors surrounding Nexus 7, but the company has yet to confirm more details.

There was even a rumor that production of Nexus 7 will be stalled on brand contract issues. Some disappointments of Huawei executives leaked that the company turned down Google upon learning that the Huawei logo will not be visible on the Pixel phones. Hence, it is most likely that the Huawei logo will not appear in the Nexus 7 device as well.

More juicy rumors sprang up that Google will probably get rid of the brand name Nexus in their next lineup of smartphones. The thing is Google might opt to use the brand name Nexus because its loyal customers are already familiar with the brand name. Similarly, Google will probably manufacture exclusively the Pixel series while other brands will be brought in to assimilate the new Nexus devices.

Google Nexus 7 was rumored to be powered by processor Snapdragon 820 supported by the Adreno 530 graphics card. The package arrives with a 54 GB internal memory space, a 7-inch inch QUAD-HD pressure sensitive display and a 4 GB random access memory (RAM). Details on camera specs are not disclosed freely but leaks point to a 13-megapixel core camera.

Watch out for more updates on Google and its latest smartphone lineup.