Google Nexus 7 2016 release date, specs: Tablet to be unveiled next month; Slab to don a new moniker?


Menlo Park-based search engine and tech firm Google has been prepping for weeks for the unveiling of their two long-awaited handsets donning new monikers, the Pixel and Pixel XL. Moreover, there are speculations making rounds that a new Nexus 7 tablet will also be introduced alongside the Pixel phones.

It’s has been reported that Google may well seem to be ditching its Nexus branding which is evidenced by the smartphones that they’re about to launch. Hence, it’s now quite logical to presume that the rumored tablet will also be named as such.

Reports are now suggesting that the Google event is all set to commence this Oct. 4 and the rumored Nexus 7 could be presented as Pixel 7. In addition, it was publicized previously that the search engine company is said to have rendered the services yet again of Chinese smartphone maker Huawei in mass-producing the Pixel tablet.

Nonetheless, both Google and Huawei have maintained their silence for the longest time. A representative from the latter even stated that as per company policy, they are not allowed to blurt out such information and further added that they are looking forward to teaming up once again with the former.

If one were to base it on the current trend among upcoming and freshly released mobile devices, it’s highly probable that the Pixel 7 slab will be carrying a Snapdragon chipset. Furthermore, it’s also speculated that Google might be tapping NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics card or they might go Qualcomm all the way with its Adreno graphics processing units (GPUs).

One thing that is expected to come with the tablet is the recently released Android Nougat operating system that is said to be packed with new features including an energy-saving app known as Doze and Daydream, which is the virtual reality (VR) platform that goes along with the new OS.