Google Nexus 2016 release with Android N in Q3?


The month of May is over and Google I/O passed without any real news about the next line of Google Nexus devices, though rumors speculate that the search engine tech giant might make some big moves soon.

This year’s Google I/O happened barely two weeks ago, and it featured a new announcement about the Android N development process as among the biggest reveals of the event concerning Android devices as a whole.

According to the company, the mysterious new Android N operating system has finally reached a stage fit for beta testing with the new Android N Developer Preview 3. Reaching beta quality marked a new milestone in the Android N’s development cycle, bringing the world closer to the possibility of newer and better Android devices most prominently the newest additions to the Google Nexus line.

The new line of Google Nexus device models is expected to run on the new Android N, which has been announced to likely be released sometime in this year’s third quarter. The most likely date is anywhere within the month of October, which fits squarely within the third quarter time period, though September is also a viable candidate if previous Google Nexus releases are any indication.

A major indication of the devices’ development surfaced last April when Evan Blass posted on Twitter, alleging that HTC was working with Google in “building a pair of Android N devices.” The devices were reportedly codenamed the “M1” and “S1” inside the development team. The credibility of Blass’ information is strong considering his past exploits in leaking information, in addition to being a mobile reporter for prominent tech news site Venturebeat.

If Blass’ information is true, then that puts the development of the Android “M1” and “S1” as running parallel to the development of the Android N operating system, suggesting that Google is developing both in conjunction with each other for either a joint release, for better coordination, or both.