Google Nexus 2016 release date, specs news: Daydream VR may be supported


People from the tech community are waiting for the release of the Google Nexus 2016. Fans of the device are hoping that there will be a difference with two models that will be released. There are also speculations that the upcoming gadget may have the capability of supporting Google’s virtual reality (VR) platform, Daydream.

Tech enthusiasts are worried that Google might make the same move as last year when they offered two variants that had the same features. It seems that it will not be happening this time around since the build of the models that that they will be offering this year will be different from each other.

It is already known that the Nexus Marlin and Sailfish will have different sizes. The Marlin will have a 5.5-inch display while the Sailfish will have a smaller 5.2-inch display. They may have the same specs, but the body of the smartphones will be created from a different set of materials. The material that will be used for the Marlin is metal and it is said that it will share some similarities with the HTC 10. Meanwhile, the Sailfish will be made out of metal and plastic.

It seems that Google is making this move in order to serve two different markets. The metal finish of the Marlin may serve the high-end market, while the Sailfish may be more affordable with its finish.

Another feature that may be coming with the two handsets is that it will support the Daydream VR. Daydream will have the capability of using the features of the smartphone while in VR mode. It is said that the specs of the device is impressive and will offer a new kind usage for the smartphones. The Daydream VR will be released this year as well, and the Google Nexus 2016 will be the first device to have this kind of feature.

There is a possibility that the Google Nexus smartphones may be released this September.