Google Nexus 2016 release date, specs: HTC Nexus leaked in renders, shows design


As per the latest set of rumors, it seems that there would be at least three different Google Nexus 2016 smartphones, with two mobile developers working on them. The first developer to be rumored to be working on the new Google Nexus smartphone is Taiwan-based mobile developer HTC, with the company said to be working on at least two different devices for the upcoming Nexus 2016 lineup. Following that is the news that Chinese mobile developer Huawei is also working on a new Google Nexus smartphone, making the lineup now up to three different variants. Just recently, two of these three variants have been “leaked” in a mock render image, showing off the possible look of the upcoming new Nexus 2016 smartphones by HTC.

Sources allegedly close to the production process of the smartphones had revealed to Android Police how the upcoming HTC Nexus smartphones would look like when they get released. An image render was then created to show what was described, and there were some striking points to it that may bring in major changes in the appearance of the next generation Nexus device.

One of the most noticeable things in the render shown was that the HTC Nexus smartphone lacks one of the iconic characteristics of a Nexus smartphone the “Nexus” branding. The render even lacked the branding of the HTC logo. Instead, what can be found on the lower center portion of the back panel of the device is a simple “G,” stylized according to Google’s logo.

There appears to be no physical home button on the device, as there is an on-screen home button on the lower portion of the device’s display. As for this, the source had not specified whether the home button on the device would be the traditional plain white circle, or if the long rumored stylized home button would be incorporated in the new Nexus smartphone the one that has the colors of Google and performs an animation when long-pressed.

Google has yet to issue a release window for the upcoming Nexus smartphones.