Google quietly begins selling Clips smart camera for $249


Google has quietly began selling its Google Clips smart camera last week. The camera is being sold for $249 and will begin shipping by the end of February.

Although Google did not make a huge announcement about the camera’s release, word about it spread quickly among fans eagerly waiting for it. As of today, Google Clips has sold out, and interested buyers will have to sign up on Google’s wait list in order to get one in the future.

The camera became available through Google’s online store. The fastest shipping option for the product will have the device delivered to the buyer by Feb. 27.

The Clips camera was announced last year along with Google’s flagship smartphone Pixel 2. It is the last device from the company’s 2017 lineup to be released.  Its release follows Google Home Max, which was released in December. When Google introduced the smart camera then, the company only said that it would be coming soon.

The camera uses artificial intelligence (AI) in order to recognize users’ faces and expressions, to capture picture-worthy images automatically. The smart camera utilizes an offline machine learning model called Moment IQ system in order to identify faces and optimal framing and lighting conditions.

Because of its AI capabilities, Google Clips will get smarter and more precise over time. Users can train the camera by manually snapping photos using its capture button.

“Google Clips is smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing,” says Google on its website. “So the camera captures beautiful, spontaneous images. And it gets smarter over time.”

When it was first introduced, the Google Clips aroused concerns over possible privacy violations that may come with an AI-powered camera. However, Google says they have prioritized those issues, as the device shows a light when it is capturing photos, and the captured images are stored only locally in the device.