Google Cardboard VR: Now supports Google's Street View for 360-degree videos


Google’s very affordable creation available in the market, “Google Cardboard,” can now support the company’s ground-level map feature called “Street View” for both Android and iOS owners. With the release of second version of the virtual reality headset, bigger phones such as iPhone 6s Plus can now also be used.

The Street View service gives the user a 360-degree view of places that have been included in the Google Maps. Although they are not in 3D, the photos and videos can be circumnavigated providing the virtual reality feel of the location. Even the user can upload photos and create their own so-called photo-spheres that can be added to the collection.

According to a report by BBC News, HIS Analyst Piers Harding-Rolls said that Street View is a natural fit for the device. “Google has lots of information and services on the market and some of it will be relevant for VR. Street View is 360-degree videos so it is one of the easiest things to get on VR.”

The Cardboard v2 was unveiled during Google I/O 2015 event and it allows larger handheld devices with up to 6-inch screens. It comes with a new button that is said to work with any kind of smartphone as it assembles and disassembles in three easy steps just like its predecessor.

The tech giant has also updated the software development kit to address some of the issues encountered previously, “This update includes a major overhaul of the sensor fusion algorithm that integrate the signals from the gyroscope and the accelerometer,” Brandon Wuest, software engineer and stereoscopic sightseer said on an official blog post.

They also removed some of the applications that use the Cardboard moniker due to their listings reportedly violating Google Play’s content policy.

Google Cardboard is available to purchase as a ready-made kit in several designs. Instructions on how to make one at home using materials at local hardware stores are also shared by the company.