Google Auto news: Google about to start manufacturing driver-less cars?


Will the world be seeing driver-less cars roaming around the city in the near future? It may be so, as Google has reportedly secretly setup its very own car company, under the name Google Auto LLC.

According to a report by The Guardian, Google setup its very own auto company, under the name of Google Auto. Documents that The Guardian had obtained reported that Google Auto LCC has Chris Urmson as the main man, who is also the project head for Google’s self-driving car program.

Google had previously attempted to get into partnership with major car companies in the past few yearsincluding General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford. However, not a single partnership deal emerged from the charm offensive with the top car manufacturing companies. And this may be because the tech giant had instead setup its own car company with Google Auto LLC

Google Auto LLC, according to the documents obtained by The Guardian, is registered as a passenger vehicle manufacturer. The company was listed a year ago as a carmaker in the state of California.

The company, once again according to the documents, was formed way back in 2011, starting out as a limited liability company. One of the first things that Google Auto did was serve as a division that put the driverless Lexus SUVs to test. Google Auto was then hailed manufacturer of 23 autonomous Lexus cars registered in California.

Google Auto had built last year a hundred prototypes of its driverless cars. “Paperwork filed by Google Auto with the NHTSA,” said the report “indicates that the cars are rear-wheel drive in design, with each wheel having its own braking system. The cars are powered by a modest 20-30kW electric motor from a lithium ion battery. All the cars built so far have been assembled on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, by Google’s manufacturing partner, the engineering firm Roush.”