Google Allo release date update: Brand new messaging app building massive hype


Perhaps the most fitting description of Google’s new messaging application is that it’s a long time coming. Although the demand for the American company to come up with an alternative to existing messaging apps has been in existence for quite a while now, Google appeared to not be serious in addressing the need, until now. And based on the recent feedbacks and reviews on Google Play Store (yes, it’s already available in the mobile store), there might be a good reason why the company took so long to build it.

According to Ecumenical News, the Allo was first announced by Google as its new messaging app earlier this year and was, in fact, mentioned alongside the Google Assistant. But for undisclosed reasons, it only became available via the company’s Play Store recently, with the release primarily intended for testing.

As mentioned in a report from the Search Engine Journal, the app currently has a 4.8-star rating from those who were able to download and use it. Simply put, it has generally impressed even in its testing version, and there could even be some more additions to it once the official public version is released.

For starters, Google Allo is reportedly designed as a messaging app, at least for the most part. Once installed, it can be used for exchanging instant messages with other people who also have the app on their mobile devices. In building the app, Google is clearly trying to grab a share of the market currently dominated by messaging platforms like Messenger (Facebook), Viber, and WhatsApp.

But one distinctive feature of Allo is the ability to chat with Google Assistant whenever a user has no other friends who are online. Other features that are definitely worth trying include the Smart Reply that allows the app to recognize the user’s style of chatting and then provides recommended responses later on. The feature called Ink, meanwhile, offers users to draw on photos, thereby editing them before sending the same via the app.

While an announcement has already been made, Google is yet to officially give a release date for the non-testing version messaging app.