'God of War 4' release date: Fall 2017 launch likely; studio looking for personnel to work on title


While Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio have yet to announce the release date for the eighth installment of the “God of War” series, sources believe that it will probably hit the shelves in fall 2017. However, this is only a prediction since “God of War” game director Cory Barlog said he doesn’t know when they would announce the release date.

It looks like the studio is still busy at work since they are looking for additional personnel to work on the upcoming game, so don’t expect the game to come out soon.

The studio might not have revealed much about the upcoming game; however, Barlog appears to enjoy interacting with fans on Twitter. He continued to remind fans that the upcoming game was simply called “God of War,” and he also talked about how blocking and parrying were going to be part of the combat system.

Barlog also revealed that they don’t know how long the game’s runtime was going to be; however, he stated that they were making it as long and action-packed as possible. Barlog added that they are doing a huge amount of work on the game right now. Furthermore, he revealed that a “making of” video was also in the works.

Luckily, Barlog is exceptionally chatty on Twitter, so fans can expect a lot of updates coming from the game’s director as the game slowly takes shape.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive game will act as a soft reboot for the franchise as Kratos leaves Olympus behind for a new life with his son in the land of the Norse gods. Sources say a new battle system will be introduced in the game since Kratos won’t be fighting alone this time as his son will be assisting him during his quests.