'God of War 4' PS4 rumors, updates: Kratos to face beings from Norse mythos


The vengeful story of the once called “Ghost of Sparta” continues as game developer Santa Monica Studio announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo that they will be releasing a brand-new installment of “God of War.” It’s now known by most fans of the game franchise that the next title will be featuring the pale-colored Kratos as he will be facing the higher beings of the Norse mythos.

Reports are now suggesting that “God of War 4” will be veering away from the conventional battle system that was featured in previous titles. It is said that the game will now focus more on exploring the game’s environment. Unlike its predecessors, the forthcoming game will be showcasing a more meditative Kratos rather that the enraged and revenge-driven one that fans saw in “God of War 1 to 3.”

Moreover, its game director, Cory Barlog, even stated on his social media account that the new gameplay looks promising and also mentioned that they’re taking into consideration the idea of customizing the attacks of Kratos. He further explained that the said part of the game is still in the works.

Barlog added that there won’t be any side games in the next installment of the game and even mentioned that they’re already bushed with the concept. However, he mentioned that his team is currently devising on other alternatives other than the said game mode. Barlog also pointed out that even though Kratos’ son is now part of the game, players will still be assuming the role of the Spartan on most parts of the next title.

In addition, Barlog hinted on the possibility that some of the past characters in the game may have an appearance in the yet to be released installment. He added that the next “God of War” will be heart-wrenching and will bring players to an emotional joyride.

As of late, Santa Monica Studio has yet to make a statement about the release date of the latest “God of War” game sequel.