'God of War 4' release news: Trailer for the new title reveals tons of gameplay details


The ongoing Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has already seen tons of game announcements made by their respective developers; one announcement that stood out has been “God of War 4.”

During E3 2016, Sony Santa Monica released a gameplay trailer for the said game. Aside from the video clip, there was also an actual person who was playing the game on stage during the presentation. Thus, it seems that the video that was released was not just a cut scene for the game, but it was actually how the game would look like once players get their hands on the controller.

Based on what has been shown so far, “God of War 4” will have significantly improved graphics compared to its predecessor, “God of War 3,” which was released back in 2010. The gameplay trailer also showcased Kratos’ new appearance. He appears to be older and is shown to have a beard.

The scene in the promotional video clip of the game is that of Kratos battling a troll. Another character was present during the scene a little boy, who has already been confirmed to be Kratos’ son, and in the scene he was teaching his son about hunting.

His battle with the troll was a pretty intense scene because it showed Kratos having a near death experience once again. He was also accidentally shot by an arrow by his son. This just shows that his son is not a full-fledged warrior yet.

According to Kotaku, there will be a change on how the game will be played in the upcoming sequel, since Kratos is not just a lone warrior anymore. He also has to look after his son, and it is said that this would be the main theme of the story.

In addition, the developers have also mentioned that there will also be a button within the game where Kratos’ son can also commit actions in order for him to support Kratos during battle.

No word on the release date yet but “God of War 4” could possibly arrive in 2017.