'God of War 4' release date: Director confirms game's title, says combat toolbox will allow players to block and parry


The next installment in the “God of War” gaming franchise is one of the most highly anticipated projects around as it has been six years since the current title was released. Since then, a prequel to the entire series was introduced, as well as some side games for mobile phones, but gamers are still waiting for the fourth “God of War” title to make its debut.

Game director Cory Barlog has been tweeting updates regarding the game’s development, and recently, Barlog squashed some reports about the upcoming “God of War” title.

On Sept. 22, a fan asked him on Twitter if the next game’s official title will be “God of War: A New Beginning,” and Barlog replied, “Oh, dear God, no. No. That is most definitely not the name of the game. It’s just God of War.”

Based on the game director’s reply, it appears that the number “4” won’t be in the upcoming game’s title as well. Previous installments in the main game series were named “God of War 2” and “God of War 3.”

Barlog also answered questions about the upcoming game’s combat system, and based on his response, it looks like the project will have some promising moves. Combat is an important element of the series, as the director previously said that the game will be set many years after the events of “God of War 3” and will continue the franchise’s storyline. Barlog said that apart from just dodging and rolling, blocking and parrying will be part of the combat toolbox of “God of War.”

The game is said to be more intimate and the players will have more control over their experience compared to previous games. While Barlog has yet to announce an official release date for the title, it was rumored that “God of War” is going to be released in 2017 exclusively on PlayStation 4.