'Girls' season 6 plot news, spoilers: EPs talk about Hannah's pregnancy surprise, series finale

A promotional image for "Girls" (Facebook/girlsHBO)

The fourth episode of the HBO series, “Girls,” ended with a huge revelation Hannah (Lena Dunham) is pregnant. Will this affect the final season of the comedy show?

In the episode titled “Painful Evacuation,” Hannah feels that she has urinary tract infection. With her mother’s persuasion, she went to the emergency room wherein she met Joshua (Patrick Wilson), the doctor she had a fling with. Joshua told her that she’s actually pregnant. It turned out that Hannah’s instructor, Paul-Luis (Riz Ahmed), is the father.

“I guess the idea with Paul-Louis was to have not someone you want necessarily as your co-parent but who could be great in terms of the genes that you want,” showrunner Jenni Konner answered when asked by Hollywood Reporter about their decision to have Ahmed’s character as the father.

The episode also featured Hermie (Colin Quinn), Ray’s (Alex Karpovsky) boss. Earlier in the episode, Ray had an argument with Hermie. Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) explained to Ray that his boss was just trying to help. Ray later went to find him so that he can apologize, but Hermie is already dead.

“His immediate reaction will be a really dark one. It’s one of those things where, like with the pregnancy, the stakes change when it’s actually life or death,” Konner explained on how it would affect Karpovsky’s character as the season ends.

Meanwhile, Dunham, who is also the creator of the show, revealed that Ahmed will return in the final season.

“Riz’s character comes back in a meaningful way later that I hope will be satisfying for people and you kind of get a sense of what she’s gotten from him and what that relationship’s meant,” she stated in a separate interview.

As seen in the latest episode, Joshua talked about abortion, but Hannah is still undecided if she’s going to keep the baby or not. It looks like Ahmed’s role would greatly affect Hannah’s decision.

“Girls” season 6 episode 5 is scheduled to air on March 12 on HBO.