'Girl Meets World' season 3 spoilers: Halloween-themed episode features a world where Maya and Riley are not best friends


After almost a month-long hiatus, Disney Channel’s sitcom “Girl Meets World” returns for season 3 featuring a brand-new installment that involves a Halloween treat.

Titled “Girl Meets World of Terror 3,” the holiday-themed episode showcases what appears to be an alternate universe where Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) have never met. Auggie (August Maturo) will be narrating a scary Halloween story detailing what the world would be like if the two did not end up as best friends.

According to TV Line, Auggie will take the form of a ghost as he gives a disturbing look at how the dynamics could have turned out if the girls grew up without each other. An exclusive promotional teaser shared by the news outlet also provides a flashback to the earlier days of the protagonists.

The clip started with Auggie saying, “Welcome to another Halloween scary-type theater. I’m your ghost, Auggie Matthews. What made us become who we are? What if they never happen? Oooh, that’s scary.” Afterward, a young Riley can be seen playing with her stuffed teddy bear while Maya looks on from outside the window.

In a flash forward to their older alternate selves, Riley excitedly says to a toy inside her locker, “Hello best friend! Do you miss me cos I missed you! Good sunshiney morning bear! Halloween is tomorrow beary, what should we go as?” she muses. She then suggests that they go with their usual plan a good little girl and her best friend bear.

Suddenly, a goth-looking Maya approaches them. When Riley greets her with enthusiasm, the former warns her, “Don’t look me in the eyes.” Riley then tells her that she will be “late for being early” and starts joyfully skipping to class to which Maya chastises her by saying, “Don’t skip, bow head.”

Down the line, the show will also have a massive reunion attended by many of the original cast members of parent series “Boy Meets World.” The much-awaited installment is deemed to be the season’s finale. However, an air date has yet to be announced by the network.

The new episode of “Girl Meets World” season 3 is slated to hit the small screen on Friday, Oct. 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET.