Ghostbusters 3 update: Chris Hemsworth joins the cast among strong female cast


While Sony has announced that the upcoming movie, ‘Ghostbusters 3’ will have a female cast, there are reports that suggest that director Paul Feig turned down the offer to make a sequel.

According to a report on VC Post, Feig received a lot of negative feedback from numerous fans online, but reportedly, he chose to stick to his script and set of actresses for the movie, to shoot a reboot instead of a sequel.

Speaking to Variety about the announcement about the reboot, he said, “The first wave when you make an announcement like that is overwhelmingly positive. Everyone’s so happy and you’re like, ‘This is great. Then comes the second wave and you’re like, ‘Oh my God. Some of the most vile, misogynistic sh** I’ve ever seen in my life.'”

Presently, the lead cast members of the movie include Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

In an interview with Empire Podcast, Feig spoke about the movie and said, “Those four ladies I have starring in it are so funny and that’s half the battle. I’m going to battle with the best army I have,” he said. “My whole crew from all my other movies have come aboard, and some great special effects people have come aboard .”

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Hemsworth will be joining the cast of the movie, as he will be playing the role of a receptionist. The role is said to have originated from the character of Annie Potts. Also, Channing Tatum is said to be joining the film.

In other news, the franchise is in the talks to make another Ghostbusters movie, aside from the one that is directed by Feig, which will have an all-male cast. While the news about Tatum’s role is not confirmed by Sony, there are reports that suggest that Chris Pratt might be in the movie as well.