'Get a job' spoilers: Father and son look for jobs at the same time; March 25 release in theaters


CBS Films presents a hilarious movie titled “Get a Job” which will premiere on March 25 in theaters.

The film revolves around the life of four friends who recently graduated from college and are now struggling to find a job. The four friends are Will Davis (Miles Teller of “Project X”), Charlie (Nicholas Braun), Ethan (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and Luke (Brandon T. Jackson). They will discover that their expectations and the real world are two different things. The movie showcases the hilarious adventures of Will and Jillian Stewart (Anna Kendrick of “50/50”) as they get lost in vast opportunities of odd jobs. In the end, with the help of their family and friends, the two will find out that what matters most are the ones that they don’t see coming.

The official trailer shows Will suddenly finding himself jobless when one day, he arrived at his office and he was just told he no longer have a job there. Apparently, their company downsized their manpower, and Will was one of those who lost his position. He then struggles to look for another job, to the point of selling his furniture and other possessions. Until one day, he received a call from the company where he applied for and got hired. His girlfriend, Jillian, will also suddenly lose her job.

Moreover, the chaos continues with Will’s father, Roger Davis (Bryan Cranston of “Drive”), searches for a new job with his son.

Alison Brie is also included in the film. She will portray the role of Tanya, the sharp-witted co-worker.

Other cast members include Marcia Gay Harden (as Katherine Dunn) and Jay Pharoah (as Skeezy D).

Directed by Dylan Kidd and written by Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel, watch out for the release of “Get a Job” on March 25.