'Game of Thrones' season 6 spoilers: New photos show glimpses of Bran, Arya, Margaery; Tommen and Jamie attend Lannister funeral


As if fans of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series aren’t excited enough about the April premiere of the show’s sixth season, new images have been revealed about the upcoming season. They may provide clues about what will happen in the battle to claim the Iron Throne.

The photos, released by the Game of Thrones Twitter account, showed photos of a more mature Bran Stark. It can be recalled that Bran was last seen in the show’s fourth season finale as he journeyed toward the Weirwood Tree with Hodor, Jojeen, and Meera Reed to fulfill his destiny.

There’s also an image of Bran’s sister Arya Stark who lost her vision in the season 5 finale as she was training to become an assassin.

Another photo showed father and son Jamie Lannister and Tommen Barratheon paying their respects at a funeral of a fair haired woman. This could be the corpse of Myrcella who, viewers may recall, was poisoned by Ellaria Sand as she was about to depart for King’s Landing.

There were also images of Queen Margaery Tyrell being lectured by Septa Unella and Melisande riding a horse at the Night’s Watch Tower. It remains to be seen whether she will use her powers to revive Jon Snow, who was killed by his brothers in the Watch last season.

The latest trailer showed a recap of the major events in the past five seasons. The trailer concluded with an image of Bran as he became a warg. Bran’s voice could be heard saying, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.”

There are many questions that need to be answered after the finale, mainly whether Jon Snow, one of the fan favorite characters, believed to be one of the key personalities to vie for the throne, survived his ambush.

For once, the excitement is magnified as both followers of the book and the series are on equal footing since the sixth book in “The Song of Ice and Fire” titled “Winds of Winter” by George R. R. Martin was released prior the premiere.