'Game of Thrones' season 6 news: Natalie Dormer confirms productions wrapped up; shares how show will unfold with 'The Winds of Winter' yet to be finished


Speculations about HBO’s widely popular series “Game of Thrones” wrapping up its productions for the highly anticipated sixth installment have been confirmed by one of its stars.

In her appearance in the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Natalie Dormer who portrays Margaery Tyrell shared, “We have wrapped season 6.” This made the audience cheered loudly.

When asked if the cast members are scattered in different filming locations, “We are scattered and the only time we really see each other in a big group is premiere of the new season,” she replied. She also said that if previously she shot most of her scenes in Belfast, this year, she has spent more time in Spain.

Kimmel pointed out that she may have spoiled the plot by sharing the interesting bit of information since she was last seen captured in a dungeon for her sin, to which she humorously quipped with, “There are dungeons in Spain, as well.”

When prodded on about whether Jon Snow is really alive, dead or will be back in some other form, she revealed “I really don’t know because I’ve been doing this cool thing for the past few years. I watched season one like a fan, like you, then when I joined them in the second season, I was like ‘I wanna go back feeling just a fan.'”

“So I stopped reading other people’s storylines. I only read the bits that are related to my parts in the Highgarden and then in the King’s Landing. So when the show airs, I’m sitting on the couch watching it like you,” she added.

Dormer also seemingly addressed the concerns of both the book readers and fans of the show regarding George R.R. Martin’s admittance that the sequel “The Winds of Winter” is not done yet saying, “I think David and Dan have got it covered. I think it’s fresh, clean snow for all of us. They sat down and had a big powwow with George couple of years ago in case of this eventuality. You know he’s a producer in the show.”

“From A to B, they go off in different tangents but B is still B. Yeah I think they are both in the same page-ish,” she concluded.

“Game of Thrones” season 6 is slated to air sometime in April 2016.