Game developers increasing focus on Nintendo Switch this year

A product display featuring the Nintendo Switch. (Facebook/NintendoSwitch)

Nintendo Switch owners could expect more and more games to cross their way this year, as most developers are eyeing the console as a focus for their upcoming games.

The latest annual survey from the Game Developer Conference indicated that a lot of game developers are interested in making games for Nintendo’s hybrid platform.

From a pool of nearly 4,000 developers, 36 percent said that they are most interested in making games for the Nintendo Switch. This figure outscores the Xbox One, which earned a 28 percent share in the poll. However, interest in PlayStation 4 (39 percent) and PC platforms (59 percent) still top the Nintendo Switch.

According to the poll, there will be a great increase in the number of Switch video games soon. Twelve percent of the developers say they are currently working on a game for the Switch, up from only three percent last year. Meanwhile, 15 percent say they plan to release their next title on the Switch, up from just five percent last year.

When the Nintendo Switch was launched last year, it did so with only a handful of compatible games. However, aided by the excellent gameplay and original concepts of those Nintendo-published games, interest in the new console continued to pick up. In the months following the Switch’s release, third-party game developers began porting their games to be compatible with the Switch.

With the rise of the Nintendo Switch, the poll also revealed that developers are starting to lose interest in Virtual Reality (VR) games. Nineteen percent of responders say that their next title will be released for VR headsets. However, only 17 percent say the same of their future products.

There was also an increase in the number of developers who do not see VR and Augmented Reality (AR) as a sustainable business, from 25 percent last year to 29 percent this year.