'Frozen 2' rumors: Sisters may duet with each other, story touches on social issues


The sequel of the much-loved animated film “Frozen” will not be in theatres in about three years’ time. However, fans have been speculating about the possible storyline of “Frozen 2” as they wait for the follow-up movie.

Some of the theories formulated earlier include links to other similar films such as “Tarzan” and “Rapunzel,” while others went as far as predicting a crossover with “Game of Thrones.” There were also suggestions that Elsa (Idina Menzel) is a lesbian or that Anna (Kristen Bell) will be the villain in the sequel.

Now, new rumors are surfacing, not regarding its main story theme, but mostly about the possible elements included in the upcoming sequel. “Frozen 2” may likely include another song, this time a duet of the sisters, especially after the success of the initial film’s “Let It Go,” noted Australia News Network.

According to Robbie Collin, a film critic, the new song may focus on “being stronger together” after the sisters are separated by the villain, said Master Herald. Collin also detailed that the lyrics may first describe their situation at hand before coming together in a momentous chorus.

Aside from a possible duet, “Frozen 2” is also rumored to tackle some social issues, similar to the first movie’s storyline. Given that majority of the viewers of the film are children, directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee may infuse another powerful message to tell to the young ones.

Additionally, Buck revealed last month that the upcoming sequel will also see the character developments of Elsa and Anna, noted a different report from Master Herald. The general storyline may already be outlined, after he said that the important focus at the moment is that the team knows the sequel’s direction, even if there are still numerous things to ponder on.

“Frozen 2” is expected to be in theatres sometime in 2018.