'Frozen 2' rumors: Olaf and Queen Elsa to find love? Arendelle's queen could be gay?


The new “Frozen” movie is not due out in another year or so, and fans of the Oscar-winning animated film have been coming up with all sorts of plot and character speculations in hopes of filling in the void.

Recent rumors have been rife with talks of rivalry and death as Princess Anna presumably turns evil and throws Queen Elsa off of a cliff. Other speculations suggest that the now covetous princess will discover her very own fire-based superpower and use this to take over Arendelle’s throne at the expense of both Elsa and Olaf’s lives.

Ever since Disney confirmed the highly anticipated sequel back in 2015, fans have been on the lookout for updates and plot teasers. Since Disney has been keeping details about the project tightly under wraps, fans have instead turned their attention to the two main casts: Idina Menzel, who does the voice of Elsa, and Kristen Bell, who provides the voice of Anna. From now until Disney releases an official trailer or movie synopsis, everything that these two actresses say in relation to “Frozen 2” is bound to be taken out of context and fuel more creative fan speculations.

With a “Frozen” special scheduled to air on the Disney Channel in November, a renewed interest in the highest-grossing animated film is bringing rumors, old and new, back to light.

After “Frozen” co-creator Chris Buck told MTV in 2015 about their plans to tackle timely issues in the next “Frozen” movie, a comment made by Menzel early this year in support of the social media campaign for Elsa to have a girlfriend has led fans to speculate that the queen of Arendelle just might turn gay in “Frozen 2.”

“I think it’s great,” Menzel said. “Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out,” she added.

Fans believe it’s about time for Elsa to have her own love story in “Frozen 2” since her sister Anna already found hers in the first film.

Another character who’s due for his very own love story is Olaf. The Telegraph has speculated that the adorable enchanted snowman might also find a lady friend now that both Elsa and Anna will be busy with their own lives.

Disney has yet to announce an official release date for “Frozen 2.” In the meantime, fans can look forward to the four-part animated series, “Frozen Northern Lights,” coming in November on the Disney Channel. This is a collaborative project between LEGO and Disney, based on “Journey to the Lights,” the first book in the “Frozen: Northern Lights” series published by Random House.