Frozen 2: Reports claim there may be a duet by Elsa and Anna


Fans of Disney’s highly successful animated film “Frozen” may have to wait a little longer for the sequel as there are speculations suggesting that it may take a while for both the production and creative teams to complete their plans.

Rumors have it that after becoming a box office hit and even receiving recognition from various award-giving bodies, the team behind the sequel are said to be out to trying hard to come up with another storyline that will better or even at par with the original film.

There are hearsays that lead characters Queen Elsa and younger sister Princess Anna may have a duet in “Frozen 2,” which is said to be designed in the same fashion of the now iconic soundtrack “Let It Go” sung by Broadway star, Idina Menzel.

The future music in the follow-up narrative is one of the much awaited features as the previous theme songs captured the hearts of many moviegoers both the younger generation and those who are children-at-heart.

After the confirmation that a sequel is happening with the original voice actors coming back to reprise their roles, the studio has been keeping mum about the details.

Fans took it upon themselves to assume that there will be a new villain who may break up the strong bond of the Arendelle sisters. Unlike the first movie, it may be a female character this time around. If this comes to fruition, a duet between them expressing their feelings is said to make more sense.

Meanwhile, when it comes to other characters, Olaf may have his own love interest while the previous bad guy Prince Hans may try his luck with Elsa as he proves that he is a changed man.

Since Disney has yet to comment on the matter, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.