'Frozen 2' release date, spoilers: Elsa to fall for Anna; Arendelle's royal sisters to sing a powerful duet?


When a much anticipated movie sequel keeps its details as close to its chest as “Frozen 2” does, speculations about its plot, characters, and cause for delay are sure to thrive.

Recent rumors are now saying that after Queen Elsa comes out, she will find herself falling for Princess Anna, who will in turn find out that she’s adopted and is therefore not a blood relative to the queen. This would surely provide a more dramatic storyline that could send not just the moviegoers, but also the movie’s main characters, on a roller coaster ride.

In the months following the official confirmation of a “Frozen” sequel, Arendelle’s royal sisters, Elsa and Anna, have gone through the most unexpected and bizarre character transformations in the rumor mill. From Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) coming out as a lesbian, to Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) turning bad and throwing her sister off a cliff, rumored plots for “Frozen 2” are only going to get darker and more far removed from the first “Frozen” movie until Disney releases an official movie synopsis.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors saying that the “Frozen 2” script is now ready and production is expected to begin soon. Aside from the actual movie sequel, The Telegraph has speculated that the pressure is on for “Frozen 2” to produce a musical sequel that could rival the massive success of the Oscar-winning song, “Let It Go.” In order to do this, film critics Tim Robey and Robbie Collin both agree that “Frozen 2’s” showstopping number should be an emotional duet between the sisters.

Robey further elaborated that Elsa and Anna were only given four scenes together in the first “Frozen” movie, and that the sister’s relationship is due for a more detailed development in the sequel.

Disney has yet to announce an official release date for “Frozen 2.” In the meantime, fans have the four-episode “Frozen Northern Lights” special to look forward to in November on the Disney Channel, as well as an untitled “Frozen” holiday special airing in 2017 on ABC.