'Frozen 2' plot rumors: Darker themed sequel could feature sibling rivalry


Would Anna fight Elsa for the crown in “Frozen 2”?

There are rumors suggesting that the sequel will have a darker theme compared to the first film, and that the sisters will battle for the right to rule the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Idina Menzel spoke about the sequel in an interview with E! News back in June, and she said, “We are at story writing and they’re working on it and I think I’m in it.” In the interview, she also joked that her character, Elsa, might fall off a cliff.

Reports say that Menzel’s joke may have some truth to it if “Frozen 2” is to have a darker theme. It is also speculated that Anna may be an illegitimate child after all, and she will become the villain in the film. It is said that Anna will succeed in becoming the queen by pushing Elsa off a cliff, thus making the joke that Menzel told come true.

If the Tarzan theory is true, it is suggested that the character may also appear and play an important role in the sequel.

As for the sequel’s release date, not much is known.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last month, actress Kristen Bell also shared some news about the “Frozen” sequel:

“They take a lot of time over there to just perfect it. It has to go through a lot of development to make sure it’s exactly the story that needs to be told… We haven’t started recording. We’re just waiting to get our hands on the script.”

Disney has yet to announce the sequel’s release date or any other news related to “Frozen 2.” Meanwhile, the next chapter of the “Frozen” franchise will come in the form of a TV special to air during the 2017 holiday season.