'Frozen 2' release date, news: Film delay may affect Disney's sales from the project


At this point, production for the sequel of 2013’s Disney hit “Frozen” is still unknown. Given this, there have been numerous rumors floating around in regard to cast changes and even problems with its development. Nevertheless, it will be highly unlikely that the House of Mouse will just pull the plug on the project or even risk changing much of its dynamics because it might just incur backlash from fans who have been relentlessly waiting for “Frozen 2.”

Over the course of last week, speculations of cast members feuding have gone rampant online. Chalk it up to the scarcity of any official word about the project. However, it would be too farfetched of a story to have a major wipeout of the cast slate specifically with Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad. Still, the three who voice Anna, Elsa and Olaf, respectively, are being rumored to have already dropped the project whether it’s because of pay dispute or simply because of unhappiness working on the project. The actors have yet to comment on the buzz as how it normally is in Hollywood but that does not necessarily mean that there is indeed crisis on-set.

However, what is more worrying in this delay is the amount of time that has passed since the first “Frozen” premiered. Should Disney decide to have the sequel rolled out by 2018, it would be a five-year gap between the films which means that the cinema landscape has also presumably changed. Fortunately, the company has always been able to defy age demographics with their projects. Disney is known to be a producer of timeless classics which effectively tones down the risk of lower sales profits. Instead, it might open up a realm of new kids who can be as hooked on the sequel like kids back in 2013 were for the debut iteration.