‘Fresh Off the Boat’ season 3 plot news: Writer explains Tiger Woods-themed episode; Jessica and Louis compete against each other

A promotional image for "Fresh off the Boat" (Facebook/FreshOffTheBoatABC)

The parenting style of Mr. and Mrs. Huang was tested in “Fresh Off the Boat.”

The latest episode opened with the three boys watching golf pro Tiger Woods dominating the Masters Tournament. Eddie (Hudson Yang) and Evan (Ian Chen) told the surprised Emery (Forrest Wheeler) that Woods is half-Asian. They promised not to tell their mom, Jessica (Constance Wu), because she might force them to become like the famous golfer.

However, as soon as Jessica walked in, Evan blasted out the news.

The mother-of-three felt intrigued with Woods’ parents and their parenting style. She kept talking about it with Louis (Randall Park), who is very loose when it comes to disciplining their children. In order to prove something out, Louis initiated an interfamilial competition, which Jessica approved.

Jessica trained Evan while Louis trained Eddie. Meanwhile, Emery was preoccupied with his goal to let everyone in school know about Woods’ descendants.

“Because it can feel important to have heroes (especially ones as huge as Tiger) that look like you, or share a similar background to yours,” series writer Rachna Fruchbom told Entertainment Weekly.

“Emery wants to make sure Tiger’s Asian heritage shares an equal role in the narrative with his African-American one,” she continued.

The competitive mother ordered her son to wake up early for training. On the other hand, the relaxed father was less strict to his young trainee.

Watching Eddie play well, Jessica manipulated Louis so that she could train her eldest son instead. Evan went to Louis, and they bonded right away, which made Jessica realize that her husband was, after all, the “Parenting Champion.”

To calm his wife down, Louis told Jessica that their children are at their best because of them both.

“Jessica and Louis are inspired by what they imagine to be the roles of Tiger’s parents in his life,” Fruchbom stated.

In the next episode, Evan joins the debate team and beats his mom at her own game. Meanwhile, Eddie and Emery goes to a comic book contest.

“Fresh Off the Boat” season 3 will return on May 2 on ABC.