Free ‘Pokken Tournament’ demo for Nintendo Switch to come soon

An image announcing the launch of "Pokken Tournament DX." (Facebook/NintendoSwitch)

Gamers itching to play the “Pokken Tournament DX” on the Nintendo Switch will soon get a taste of the action.

Nintendo announced via Twitter that a free demo of the game is right around the corner. “Can’t wait for #PokkenTournamentDX? Keep an eye out for a downloadable demo coming soon to Nintendo eShop!” tweeted the gaming giant.

According to Gamespot, the game will feature all of the 16 playable characters found in the Wii version. Furthermore, five new Pokemon creatures will also join the roster. These are Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye.

Online features, on the other hand, will require membership on the console’s online service come 2018.

Back in June, Nintendo announced during a Nintendo Direct briefing that “Pokken Tournament DX” will roll out in September. It features three-on-three team battles and online ranked play. Moreover, it will also offer group and friendly matches.

The announcement caught fans and gaming enthusiasts off guard, as they expected a different “Pokemon” game to be revealed. They expected Niantic to announce details about the game “Pokemon Stars,” an updated version of “Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In other Pokemon news, the “Pokemon GO Pikachu Outbreak” held earlier this month in Japan became a massive success. The event held in Yokohama drew over 2 million players who caught over 120 million Pokemon during the week-long event. As expected, Niantic Labs took measures in avoiding the same problems that hounded the “Pokemon GO Chicago Fest.”

Forbes reported that Niantic talked to all the major carriers in Japan to ensure there were no data-related issues. Moreover, they also chose a huge venue to give waves of participants enough room to move around and search for Pokemon. The areas included parks in an island and a nearby city.

In addition, they also strategically distributed spawns of special Pokemon. This gave Trainers the chance to enjoy incentives and “move through the greater festival area rather than staying in a single location,” said Niantic.

“Pokken Tournament” launches on Sept. 22.