Foxconn could start producing Nintendo NX in June 2016, according to report


A brand new report suggests Nintendo has tapped Chinese manufacturer Foxconn to produce its upcoming gaming device, the Nintendo NX. However, it is not clear what the company will be supplying Nintendo with.

Chinese publication reported recently on Foxconn Technology’s first quarter earnings. In the report, a NeoGAF user spotted the mention of Nintendo’s NX. The report suggested the Nintendo NX could release by the end of the year with Foxconn starting production in June along with a new unannounced iPhone model. Foxconn is known for supplying Apple products.

“With the rollout of iPhone 7 and Nintendo NX, investors believe Foxconn’s operation will focus on the second half of this year,” the translated report reads. “It is expected that operation momentum for the company in second half of the year will obviously increase compared with that of the first half.”

By starting production in or around the month of June, Nintendo could possibly unveil or present details about the NX during E3 2016, according to Gamepur. The E3 2016 date for Nintendo NX’s reveal is in line with current rumors, although it remains to be seen if this will pan out.

The report seems to have been based from an investor briefing held by Foxconn. The NeoGAF user confirms this information is investor speculation, but Gamepur believes it could still be important in determining when Nintendo could possibly reveal the NX to the public.

A previous report from had mentioned that Foxconn Technology, along with several other suppliers, will be involved in the Nintendo NX production. The publication added that the console is scheduled to start mass production at the end of the first quarter.

Recently, the Nintendo NX has also been rumored to release with “The Legend of Zelda” NX edition during the upcoming holiday. This information came from the same leakster who predicted the two new Pokemon games, “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon.”

All of these information are considered rumors at this point until Nintendo says otherwise. As such, readers must take these pieces of information with a grain of salt.