$3200 vintage steak goes on sale in Paris


The French has always been known for their exquisite taste from clothes to wine, but it seems like one French butcher doesn’t want to just elevate the art of fine dining but instead bring it to new heights via his $3,200 steak.

Alexandre Polmard is putting up the expensive piece of meat in the market. Coming from a family of butchers that know almost a century worth of techniques unique to their family, Polmard is applying a 1900 process to his pedigree Blonde Aquitaine cattle. The process is fairly simple which includes Grade A cut meat stored in temperatures below -45 degrees and then suddenly blasted with cold air that runs 75 miles per hour. This seemingly easy mechanics allow the slab of meat to be stored in long periods of time without it losing any of its original flavor and texture.

In an interview with CNN, Polmard detailed the process that the cattle will come from their own farm in the family-owned estate outside the Saint Miheil in the Meuse region of Lorraine, northeastern France.

“My family wouldn’t dream of raising animals in sheds where they have no space or room to roam. Here they are in the open air, living in forests and on parkland. There are shelters they can choose to visit in case it rains or snows. It’s really five-star accommodation! All the love and attention we give our animals comes through on the plate when you taste it. They really are unique,” he explained.

He also proudly boasts on how they treat their animals to the point where he talks to them daily to make sure that they are living comfortably and stress-free. 

“I wanted to recreate the world of wine and shake up traditional butchery, seducing people once again to eat beef by offering them something exceptional,” the steak purveyor further explained.

Polmard owns a butcher shop located in the center of St. Germain des Pres area of Paris, check out his website here.