‘Flip or Flop’ cast news: Christina goes out with ex-flame; Tarek shows off new home

A promotional image for "Flip or Flop" (Facebook/HGTV)

A year after their bitter break-up, Christina and Tarek El Moussa really seem to be moving forward.

The stars of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” have been working together for the show’s new season, and are also enjoying their new lives apart. The 34-year-old Christina was already seen dating Doug Spedding, a former flame she had known for almost a decade.

A report from Romper added that the two just reconnected after the El Moussas broke up last year. Moreover, some also saw them going out on a romantic boat ride and going out on date nights last month.

Meanwhile, Tarek recently gave E! News a tour of his bachelor’s pad. The 35-year-old TV host and realtor shared that his favorite part of the house is the living room. He said that his two kids love to run around and play in the living room, and they even turn it into a maze.

Moreover, he also admitted that one of his favorite items in the master bedroom is an alarm clock. “Believe it or not, I have a really hard problem waking up in the morning,” said Tarek. Despite the pains of their break up, Tarek admitted that he has indeed made some wrong calls in the past.

He even changed that name of his boat from Flip or Flop to Bad Decisions. “Apparently I’ve made a couple,” Tarek quipped. “Christina laughed about it,” he added. Despite all that had happened, he admitted that he still cared for his ex-wife. “She’ll call me…you know, we still deep down we care about each other,” he went on to say.

Late last month, the ex-couples on-cam partnership looked to be on the right track. The two were seen goofing around on the set of “Flip of Flop,” with a light and bubbly atmosphere seen in the photos. Tarek pulled off a funny crane pose that drew a smile from Christina, said a report from Entertainment Tonight.