‘The Flash’ season 3 cast: Star Tom Cavanagh talks about directing an episode

A promotional image for "The Flash" (Facebook/CWTheFlash)

It looks like the future has more to offer than the past in the superhero series “The Flash.”

In the 19th episode, Flash/Barry (Grant Gustin) traveled to the future — to 2024 to be precise — to gather information about Savitar’s identity. Sadly, the future world is not what he had imagined.

S.T.A.R. Labs is ruined, and Future Barry is in isolation following the death of Iris (Candice Patton). Cisco (Carlos Valdes) lost his arm after a battle against Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker).

Meanwhile, Julian (Tom Felton) works at Iron Heights to watch over the imprisoned Killer Frost. On the other hand, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) is in a catatonic state.

However, it seems that the future Team Flash still do not know Savitar’s identity.

With Cisco’s persuasion, the Present Barry brings the team back together to fight against Mirror Master and Top.

Then, the Future Barry asked the Present Barry to find a physicist named Tracy Brand, who invented the technology that trapped Savitar in the Speed Force four years after Iris died.

Back in the present time, Killer Frost met with Savitar, who took off his mask to reveal his identity.

Tom Cavanagh, the actor who plays H.R. Wells, directed the episode.

“In terms of what the actual story is going to be, they’ve got a story arc when they start the season but you don’t really know where your story is going to fall,” Cavanagh shared to Variety.

“I feel very fortunate to deal with Barry … dealing with Barry. That’s two versions of Grant Gustin, which is phenomenal. I was grateful to have this storyline,” he added.

Cavanagh also stated that he had no problem directing his own scenes.

“One thing I will say, though, if anyone is going to get short-changed when I’m directing it’s not going to be the other actors; it’s going to be me. You become much less self-indulgent,” he explained.

In the next episode, Barry will face two nemeses — Killer Frost and Savitar. Can Team Flash defeat the two powerful villains?

The third season of “The Flash” will return on May 2 on The CW.