Fitbit unveils new family-oriented devices in Versa and Ace

Fitbit has unveiled its new Versa and Ace fitness-tracking devices. (Fitbit)

Fitbit has unveiled its newest fitness-tracking devices, the Versa and Ace, marking the company’s new family-oriented approach at smartwatches.

The new products are designed to have a mass appeal and are targeted at families instead of dedicated athletes. While many of Fitbit’s devices are for people who follow an athletic regimen, the Versa and Ace will be a great fit for more casual wearers.

With the Versa, Fitbit moves away to the hard-edged design of first smartwatch, Ionic, and adopts a rounded square frame that the company calls a “squircle.”

The Versa is aimed at more casual fitness tracker users who do not require a host of apps or LTE connectivity. The new tracker does not have a built-in GPS and has a more modest battery life of four days compared to the Ionic’s five-day battery life.

The Versa’s mass appeal is demonstrated even further through its price point, as it will come at a more entry-level price of $199. Despite the $100 difference, most of the features of the Ionic will still make their way to the Versa. It has a heart rate monitor, is waterproof, runs on the Fitbit OS, and comes preloaded with the Fitbit Coach app.

Additionally, Fitbit is introducing a new female health tracking mode that allows female users to track their periods and symptoms in order to identify patterns and determine if something is irregular.

Meanwhile, Fitbit is also addressing another demographic that it has largely ignored in its past releases, children. With the new Fitbit Ace, Fitbit looks to encourage kids to become more active and healthy in an enjoyable way.

The $100-Ace tracks steps, sleep patterns, and activity using badges, and inspires kids to develop an active lifestyle through challenges and games.

The Ace is designed to reward kids for being active instead of shaming them into working out. The kid-friendly device will not show calorie-counting and will not allow children to access Fitbit’s social network.