Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Charge HR design, features, price news: Which one tracks better?


Fitbit reigns supreme in the fitness tracker industry, competing with no other than their own products. Here is a look at the design, specifications and price of Fitbit Charge 2 vs. Fitbit Charge HR.

Design-wise, the two trackers have similar elements. Both measure 21mm wide with a small OLED display, and textured elastomer band. There are also several colors to choose from. Although they may not be swim proof, these Fitbits are water resistant up to one atmosphere unit (ATM).

Charge 2 takes the step further in design, featuring interchangeable straps, and a display five times larger than Charge HR. This feature makes tracking easier specially for users who would need bigger displays in order for them to check their numbers.

Looking at the features, the Charge 2 is packed with more specs than Charge HR. Charge HR have SmartTrack which instantly records the physical activity of the user, PurePulse Heart Rate monitor, silent alarms, steps and distance, burned calories, active minutes, daily stats and stationary time.

The Charge 2 raises the bar by including smartphone notifications, connected Global Positioning System (GPS) and offers new features, including multi-sport tracking, which can track yoga, martial arts, pilates, spinning, bootcamp to name a few a unique offering that other trackers do not have. It also offers Cardio Fitness Level used to check the cardio score and guided breathing, which adjusts breathing sessions depending on the heart rate.

Charge HR does not have smart phone notifications, multi-sport tracking, cardio fitness level and guided breathing, features that really make Charge 2 stand out.

Users who are looking for a regular activity tracker may find Charge HR more reasonably priced at $129 apiece, while Charge 2 is priced at $199.95. The $20 difference may make the consumer consider the features that they really need.

In a nutshell, Charge 2 is heavily packed with more features that a user with a far more active lifestyle may benefit from compared to Charge HR.