'Finding Carter' season 3 spoilers: Alex Saxon thinks Max should stay in jail if renewal is greenlighted


There are still no official words if MTV will renew for season 3 its drama series “Finding Carter” or if it will be cancelled. Fans of the show who have been waiting for spoilers may be delighted to find out that cast member Alex Saxon shared his thoughts about the future of his character.

In an interview with TV Insider, Saxon who plays Max, believes that he has to stay in jail after it was revealed in a surprising turn of events that he was the one who killed Jared. When directly asked about being imprisoned, he reportedly replied with “I hope!”

He however has his reasons, “I think there’s a lot to be explored about what would happen if Max went to jail and went where his dad has spent much of Max’s life; how he would regress and how he would change,” he stated.

“I’d like to think part of why Max is so empathetic to everybody around him and conscious of taking care of people and not hurting anybody is because he knows the evil, the darkness, that’s out there,” he added.

Although it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition, it is predicted that if the narrative continues, Taylor may not be able to handle the events well but her conscience may prevail. “She obviously doesn’t want him to go to jail and have his life shattered anymore. She’s also relatively rational and knows right from wrong. I think. There’s probably a part of her that knows that was the right thing to do,” Saxon concluded.

Fans are said to be hoping that the show gets at least one more season to wrap things up especially after the cliffhanger finale of season 2.

Some reports claim that there is enough materials for the writers to work with, and it will be interesting to see the possible change in dynamic between sisters Taylor and Carter after the former wants Lori to take the blame but the latter convince Max to turn himself in.