Finding Carter season 2 finale spoilers: Ben bombshell will have ripple effect on remaining episodes


Just when things were already at its tumultuous peak, Finding Carter dropped a bombshell in its summer season finale in the form of Ben.

Christian Today recapped that the Wilsons tried to make Lori stay in jail for kidnapping Carter when she was a child to solidify attempts to ward off Lori’s legal custody over Taylor and Carter. During the high courtroom drama, Ben, Lori Stevens’ biological son, came out in the open to reveal that David Wilson is actually his father. This is expected to affect the course of all the succeeding episodes because this will trace back how this happened, to begin with.

Understandably, the Wilsons will not take this one too well. But Ben might find a kindred spirit in Carter. After all, they have Lori in common.

“She’s going to see Ben and recognize that he’s been through the same things that she has, mainly Lori. I don’t think she’d be silly enough to throw that away. I think it’ll be interesting to see the similarities between them,” says Kathryn Prescott, the actress who plays Carter, regarding this plot twist. 

They ended with the scene when they took Ben to the witness stand for Lori’s case after Carter did. But it was not the only thing that held some impact to the plot.

According to TV Line, there are bound to be other effects as the twins just got past the Max issue as well as dealt with the death of Kyle.

Hollywood Life further revealed that David’s wife Elizabeth may throw a fit because of the situation as she has frequently done in the past but this is an overused arc. So she may also mellow down with the drama and not have her tantrums this time around or turn to other tactics to get even with Lori. MTV has renewed the series for 12 more episodes after the summer finale according to The Inquisitr.