Finding Carter season 2 spoilers: Twilight's Jackson Rathbone joins cast, 12 more episodes added


Better known for his role as Edward Cullen’s brother in hit franchise, “Twilight,” Jackson Rathbone who portrayed Jasper Hale will be coming to the small screen for a recurring role in the second season of MTV’s “Finding Carter.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that Rathbone will have the role of Jared, described as a business-savvy person whose morals may be put in jeopardy when he becomes attracted to the underage lead Carter Stevens, played by Kathryn Prescott.

MTV describes him as “A charismatic, edgy owner of a hip local bar and sparks will fly between him and his new employee Carter.”

The show follows the story of Carter on her quest to find out the whole truth behind the person who raised her but actually had abducted her since she was three years old. She has to go back to her biological family who previously believed that she was gone for good. As she attempts to start a new life, she is unable to forget the single mother she has known all her life to be her only parent.

During the mid-season finale, Lori petitions for Carter’s guardianship and dragged her to a series of traumatic hearings where the lawyer forced to recount what she said when she thought Lori was suicidal. In front of her real parents, the Wilsons, she admitted that she still loves Lori. Afterwards, Lori pulls a surprise witness in the form of a teen boy who she claims is her love child with David.

Meanwhile, actor Alex Saxon first announced the news that the show was picked up for 12 more episodes to wrap season two up. He took to Youtube to thanks the viewers saying, “We’re really excited to start sharing more of the story with you.”

Other members of the cast include Cynthia Watros, Anna Jacoby-Heron, Alexis Denisof and Zac Pullam.

Season two of Finding Carter resumes on October 6 at 10 pm ET.