'Final Fantasy XV' updates: New gameplay footages leaked, showcases more of Noctis' skills


Much exhilaration is brewing over the upcoming release of “Final Fantasy XV” that is set to hit the stores on Nov. 29. Fans are over the moon in anticipation, so much that new gameplay footages are sure to hype the excitement even more.

4Gamer has been generous enough to indulge loyal followers of the franchise with the latest videos and screenshots of the game. Videos showing an epic battle with Titan, Niflheim base infiltration and various angles of gameplay were shown.

The clips shared shows how much Square Enix has grown in making the latest installment life-like and visually appealing. Players can very much control the character’s movement while navigating through a movie-like environment enhanced with computer-generated imagery, which is what the Final Fantasy series has been well-known for.

The gameplay has some noticeable similarities to other games. Noctis’ skill in throwing his weapon and teleporting to the area where it was hurled at looks much like Minato Namikaze’s Flying Raijin Jutsu in “Naruto Shippuden.” A YouTube user commented on the Titan video, saying that some mechanics in the battle looked like that of “God of War,” where the player presses a button on specific times during the encounter with the giant.

One can argue, though, that it doesn’t take away from the craftsmanship spent on forging the latest installment.

According to Parent Herald, the game had several prototype names, and took a decade before production to ensure they were doing things right. Square Enix had discovered the disappointment in some of the later games, thus they needed to be careful, taking their time in the creation in effect.

The new masterpiece, the fifteenth installment to what was originally conceived as “the last work” of Hironobu Sakaguchi, is expected to reprise the fantastic storytelling of the series coupled with modern warfare depicted in most games out in the market. Fans will need to wait until the end of November to get a copy of the game.