‘Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition’ announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" promotional photo. (Facebook/ffxv)

Square Enix has announced a new version of the “Final Fantasy XV” video game, “Royal Edition,” which is set to arrive to PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One consoles in a couple of months. The new edition will include the base game, plus previously released content, along with enhancements in various gameplay features.

“Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition” will be released¬†on March 6. When it arrives, it will contain the content that was included in the game’s season pass, including Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis, and Episode Prompto. The new version will also include the multiplayer expansion that was previously released as an update to the original game.

The new version will also feature a new area, the Insomnia City Ruins, which will be added to the Crown City of Insomnia area. Here, players will be able to embark on new side quests and encounter new enemies. Players will also be able to control the Royal Vessel ship to travel to new areas and do some fishing.

Aside from the added content, the “Royal Edition” will also include new gameplay features that will affect the way players enjoy the game. There will be a brand new first-person perspective that players can switch to if they want to experience the action in an up close and personal way.

The new version also introduces a new action called “Armiger Unleashed.” By performing this action, the characters will be given a boost in combat provided that the player has found all of the Royal Arms. Additionally, the “Royal Edition” will include a number of new weapons, items, car skins, and trophies.

Square Enix has not yet revealed how much the upgrading to the new version would cost for players who already own a copy of “Final Fantasy XV.” However, those who have not purchased the original version can get the “Royal Edition” for $50.

Later this year, the PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” will also be released, containing the same features of the “Royal Edition.”