'Final Fantasy 15' release updates: new footage shown at PAX West


The upcoming action role-playing video game, “Final Fantasy XV” is wrapping up its preview tour, with only a couple of months to go before its official release in the last week of November. And at the PAX West gaming festival in Seattle, the game developed by Square Enix didn’t disappoint with a showcase of several improvements.

Per Techno Buffalo report, the about-to-be-released game showcased the optional dungeons called the “Balouve Mines” in front of a live panel. Accordingly, this new option is readily accessible at an early stage of the game; however, the report notes that the presence of defending monsters and goblins should make it very difficult to penetrate.

Other notable revelations in the new clip showcased at the conference include the Niflheim base mission, battle versus Magitek Armor, and more on the Chocobo racing. The same publication also mentioned the use of different elemental spells in order to come up with more effective combinations, although the hazards against them are still present in the new game. Simply put, there will be areas or scenarios where even the deadliest and most powerful spells cannot be as effective as they should be when used in a place where it’s not meant to be used. One example given is when casting the fire elemental spell in a grassy environment.

In the meantime, Destructoid talked about the feeling that the two-hour footage of the game will cause more fans to get a lot more excited for the game’s official release and that the two months of waiting could become more agonizing because of the goodies that the new promotional video handed out.

Unlike the more recent game titles in the “Final Fantasy” series, this one is reported to be a deviation from the original fantasy theme as it will be showcasing more of a darker atmosphere with the emphasis on realistic settings and human characters.

“Final Fantasy XV” is set for a worldwide release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Nov. 29.