'Final Fantasy XV' news: Square Enix releases Active Time Report and other teasers


The makers of the “Final Fantasy” titles have been busy creating hype for the latest fifteenth installment of the franchise. One of the teasers for the upcoming video game is the Active Time Report which will be hosted by Square Enix.

The last Active Time Report took place last January, featuring clips from the upcoming game. A new Active Time Report is expected to take place this April 21, and fans will be able to catch the event via livestream. However, it will reportedly not feature any subtitles.

In the upcoming event, Square Enix will discuss the new information that was revealed during Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event last March 30.

Aside from the event, the developers are also going to release a movie titled “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy” for the upcoming title. The movie will be about a group of knights called Kingsglaive, who will have the duty of protecting King Regis. Regis is the father of the main character, Prince Noctis, in “Final Fantasy XV.”

The movie’s objective is to introduce the new world of the game. It will also show the history and how the war between the different factions started.

In addition, a series that consisted of five episodes was previously announced. The series will be titled, “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV,” which will also discuss the game’s history. It will also shed some light on Noctis and his friends. The first episode of the series has already been released. According to Telegraph, Akio Ofuji, the producer of “Brotherhood,” mentioned that the episodes will each be ten minutes long.

Fans can also expect a mobile game called “Justice Monsters V” to be released before the launch of “Final Fantasy XV.” It will be a pinball mini-game that features the monsters that the players will fight in “Final Fantasy XV.” It will be a standalone game that is downloadable through an Android and iOS device.

The release date for “Final Fantasy XV” has already been set for Sept. 30 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.