'Final Fantasy 15' release date news: new video previews new world to explore


Square Enix just released a new video that gives the fans a preview of the universe of “Final Fantasy XV” and it’s gorgeous.

2006 was the year when Square Enix gave a glimpse of the “Final Fantasy XV”, but back then it was called “Final Fantasy Versus XIII.” Furthermore, it was supposed to coincide with the release of “Final Fantasy XIII” as an alternate universe. The project did not seem to push through instead they made “Versus XIII” into a standalone game and made it into “Final Fantasy XV”, one of the most anticipated games of the year.

According to reports, the audience who was able to attend the “Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered” had the chance to view the “World of Wonder” which featured numerous picturesque places of the world. Moreover, Square Enix uploaded the video to YouTube in order to cater to the fans worldwide.

The video showed a preview of the towns that the players may visit once they get the game. Also, it showed expansive landscapes that will make players wanting to immerse into their world. Mountains, caves, and the seas were also shown in the environmental trailer.

One feature that makes this “Final Fantasy” distinct from the previous titles of the franchise is the day to night cycle of the game. The realistic touch of the developers can be seen on how detailed and also how the environment changes due to the cycle. The creators of the game seem to put much effort on how the color of the skies changes and the lighting also played a key role in making an immersive environment.

This video will make the gamers exhilarated to explore the world of “Final Fantasy XV.” The “Final Fantasy” franchise has always been known for giving players a chance to explore the different worlds that were done before. For example, in “Final Fantasy VII” player were given a lot of options on how to fight the different weapons such as Ultima, Emerald and Ruby.

Players are now wondering what is in store for them in this new universe of “Final Fantasy XV.”

The game is expected to be released on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch the “World of Wonder” video below.