'Final Fantasy 15' release date: Is the game good with VR?


The arrival of “Final Fantasy XV” is nearing and as the Sept. 30 release date inches closer day by day, more details about the game are finally being released. It is said that the video game will also be available in virtual reality (VR).

“Final Fantasy XV” has come a very long way ever since it was first revealed as “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” in 2006. Eventually, in 2012, it was rebranded to “Final Fantasy XV.” With the long development period, a lot of people have started wondering what the game is about. It wasn’t until two years ago that Square Enix began shedding light onto the title and began releasing more details about the game. Now, as the game’s release is approaching, thankfully more details have emerged.

One of the latest additional details that was added was support for virtual reality (VR).

As mentioned in International Business Times, the VR aspect of “Final Fantasy XV” was demonstrated at the recently concluded Japan Expo 2016 in France. Footage of an attendee trying the game’s VR has made its way online. The attendee took on the role of one of the characters in the video game, Prompto, and was seen shooting some enemies. Unfortunately, based on reviews, the VR component of “Final Fantasy XV” does not really mesh well with the game.

Like “Final Fantasy XV,” the movie “Kingslglaive: Final Fantasy XV,” will also be released soon. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the “Final Fantasy” franchise, has watched the film and has mentioned that fans should watch it in order to gain a better understanding of the upcoming video game. It will also give insight on the bond and relationship between the four main characters.

“Final Fantasy XV” is expected to come out on Sept. 30. The box art for the upcoming game has already been revealed and it shows the four characters wielding their weapons.