'Final Fantasy XV' news: Holiday DLC pack details revealed


The first DLC pack for the new “Final Fantasy XV” game is called the “Holiday Pack.” The pack will be available for all the players except the ones that hold the season pass, as they will receive a premium edition.

According to Game Rant, the “Holiday Pack” will feature two versions the basic pack, which is free for all the players, and a premium version, that will be available for season pass holders. For those who do not have have the season pass, the basic version will include some free updates, a New Game+ mode, seasonal picture frames for Prompto, as well as a number of in-game items.

As for the premium edition of the “Holiday Pack” DLC, it will have everything the basic version has to offer, including the in-game items the basic version has, which include: a Level Stopper, Annihilation Victory Song, Moogle Chocobo Carnival T-Shirt Costume (Only for Noctis), and a Limited Time Carnival Ticket.

Additionally, they will get more in-game items like a Protection Ring, Command Booster (Only for Noctis), Phantom Booster (Only for Noctis), Instant Kill Victory Song, Battle Technique Victory Song, Fortuitous Key, Stamina Anchor (Only for Noctis), Carnival Style Costume (Only for Noctis), Picture Frames, and a Limited Time Carnival Ticket+.

The “Holiday Pack” DLC, regardless of version, will both contain a Limited Time Carnival Ticket as well as a number of items that can only be used once the carnival event arrives in an upcoming January update. It is still unconfirmed when it will be released in other regions exactly, but the “Holiday Pack” will be released on Dec. 22 in Japan.

Also, according to Techvicity, the paid DLC pack for the “Final Fantasy XV” game will allow players to get a new episode titled “Gladio,” which will let players fight against a new villain called Gilgamesh. However, this update will only come out after the Holiday DLC pack.