'Final Fantasy XV' release date, news: Hajime Tabata talks optimization, gives update on game's progress


The long awaited and highly anticipated game “Final Fantasy XV” which has been in development for nearly a decade now will finally come to players when it gets released on Sept. 30. Now that the much-awaited release date is getting closer and closer, game director Hajime Tabata has been more forthcoming with giving updates about the game’s progress.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Tabata said that the game’s development is in its final stages. Now that the release date is less than three months away, the game is getting its final optimization and tweaks.

“We’re really at the stage where we’re polishing up the final content and optimizing it for different consoles, and also the debugging phase is what we’re into now,” Tabata said. “One other thing there is that we’re doing a little bit of changing, switching up the UI to make it even better. That’s what we’re doing at the moment.”

Tabata also said that optimization, especially in term of the game’s graphical effects, is not an easy job. With development having spanned at least ten years, Tabata revealed that while optimizations had to be done, they were careful enough not to take away anything significant, with the goal of giving fans exactly what they promised.

Tabata also gave his comments on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo console and Microsoft’s two new Xbox One variants, the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. These new consoles promise better performance, more powerful hardware and above all, support for 4K Ultra HD gaming.

While Tabata thought it would still be too early to comment on these new consoles, he believes that the new consoles’ hardware have great potential and that he would love the idea of optimizing “Final Fantasy XV” for these next-generation consoles.

“It’d be really great though if we could have ‘Final Fantasy XV’ something we can play on the current-generation Xbox One and PS4, also give them that choice that when the new, stronger-generation hardware comes out, to have them play at that level as well,” he said. “I’d really like to be able give them that.”